Searching and catching in Sint-Laureins

The landscape of creeks and polders in the border municipality of Sint-Laureins houses the last large population of muskrats in East Flanders. It is important to continuously monitor this area to avoid expansion and to reduce the species.

In 2021, the Flemish Environment Agency (VMM) started its control campaign here with the spring migration of muskrats at freezing temperatures. These migratory muskrats are often difficult to catch.

324 muskrat catches

During summer traces are very different. Territories are marked and plenty of food remains can be seen. Six months of hard work, aided by observations of 10 camera traps, yielded 324 muskrat catches. 195 of these were captured within the contours of the Life MICA project area.

Next control campaign

As soon as the high summer levels in the polder drop again, the VMM is organizing a next control campaign in the area.