Open day Life Mica in nature reserve Gelderse Poort

On September 16, Life Mica organized an open day in Gendt. This is located in the Geldersepoort nature reserve, one of the project areas. Local residents and various (nature) organizations attended the open day.

The morning started with an introduction to the muskrat and coypu and the problems these animals cause. Then all of Life Mica’s innovative methods to detect and trap muskrats and coypu were discussed: environmental DNA (eDNA), DNA mapping, smart cameras and smart life traps.

Also other animal species?

The attendees were enthusiastic and asked many questions. There were also some interesting discussions, for example about whether these innovative methods can also be used to detect other animal species.

With their own eyes

After the presentations, it was time to see the innovations with their own eyes. The participants went into the nature reserve and saw how water samples for analyzing eDNA were taken with a sailing drone. They also learned about the difference between a traditional and a smart trap.


Muskrat trapper Kees Schep sees the advantages of the smart life trap . “Traditional traps have to be checked regularly and that is hard work,” he told the visitors. “Thanks to the smart traps, we will be able to work more efficiently in the future.”