Mallard the most photographed with the camera trap

In the different project areas 47 camera traps have been placed to detect muskrat and coypu presence. These cameras take a sequence of images when they are triggered by movement.

Afterwards trappers need to annotate these sequences to see which species is on there. Over 80.000 sequences have been annotated so far. The most commonly seen species on the cameras are mallards.

Artificial Intelligence

Since June of 2021 we have been using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed by the Agouti team to help annotate our images and ease the workload. We started a project with the team from Agouti to retrain their AI to better work for water conditions. Hopefully this will further optimize the workflow for detecting muskrats and coypu with camera traps.

Figure 1: distribution of the species observed on the camera’s.
Figure 2: muskrat caught on camera