Latest progress in Smart Life Traps: more catches and detailing

This project aims to develop smart life traps that use AI image-recognition. By incorporating AI we prevent unwanted bycatches of protected species as European beaver or otter and only catch target species like coypu and muskrat. More catches are made in the field and more details on the traps are improving.

By now, ten smart life traps are in use in Germany, five in Belgium and ten in the Netherlands. Two coypu and six muskrats were caught on either side of the Dutch-German border. In the past months AI image-recognition software was improved by using field images from the smart life traps. Also, the module works now both on- and offline, even when it is not connected to the internet.


On hardware, the traps are improved as well. Mesh is mounted on both sides of the cage and the ground plate is elevated in order to obtain better pictures from animals that enter the trap. Also, mesh is mounted in front of the camera system for protection.

This summer the hardware will further develop with improvements like a stronger magnet and battery. Also, the AI image-recognition software will be enriched with images of otters and raccoons. The online message sent to the trapper will soon improve by always sending correct information on battery, GPS and trap status.

Active smart life trap at Sint-Maartensheide – De Luysen, April 1th 2022.

The message that is send to the trapper.